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Across the Tracks News

With regret we must announce that, with immediate effect, Across the Tracks will no longer be a weekly Saturday night at Sound Control.
It will come as no surprise to regular readers of the blog to know that there have been a number of operational issues which have hindered our move from SubSpace.
Unfortunately finding a satisfactory resolution to these issues on a weekly basis has not proved possible. Therefore, rather than try to continue the night in the face of these issues and not present Across the Tracks in the way you know and love, we will look at new possibilities.
We hope return to Sound Control for a final special one off Across the Tracks Special on Saturday 10 December. More details to follow soon…
Our thanks go to everyone at Space and Sound Control for their support over the last few years and to especially to everyone who has ever been on our dancefloor – we hope you had as much fun as we have. In a week when Space and SubSpace closed their doors for the last time we feel especially sad that things haven’t worked out at Sound Control but all things must pass and we are looking to the future.
We’re going to take a bit of time out and put our thinking caps on as to what we will do next – though it’s likely we’ll have a few Saturday nights out of our own first, It’s been a while. When we hatch our masterplan we will of course, keep you posted. Keep the faith.
Much love
Martin, Justine, Fritz, Graeme and Lee
Across the Tracks


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