Eclectic of Manchester


DJ Name: Rarely used, but Aldo Wan Kenobi (c) Mark Chadwick

First 12” vinyl
Falco – Rock Me Amadeus

First DJ gig
Teenage school/Uni parties (late 80s- early 90s) aside, first gig proper was Brickhouse with Mark LuvDup 1999, the night Giggsy scored his wonder goal v Arsenal.

DJing history (nights played/promoted/residencies/guest slots)
Residencies: Elemental (00-02), The Vinyl Frontier (02-04), Chica Chica Boom at Rossetti Basement (04-05), Another Planet at South (07-08), Across The Tracks (since 2005), Top Of The Pops Manchester (2012-present)
Promotions: The Vinyl Frontier (Manchester – Elemental, The Attic) My Bag (Manchester – Various)
Guest slots: Sankeys, South, Paradise Factory, Medstock, NoWax, D:Percussion, Stylus, BBC 6Music, Manchester International Festival (2009-2017), La Fleche D’Or (Paris), Stepback, Bestival (2010-2013), Sweet Sensation, Festival No6 (2013-2015), Deer Shed Festival (2012-2017)

Fave ever gig
I have 2;
Market Place (London) 7th Birthday, March 2009, me and Norman Jay MBE. Small basement bar, only got to play 60 minutes, but it was ACE.
La Fleche D’Or in Paris. (a) It was in Paris and (b) I was DJing inside a large picture frame surrounding the stage. And (c) the Parisian crowd were very welcoming.

Musical heroes
Bjork, Debbie Harry, Kylie, Wayne Coyne, Falke, Braxe, Bangalter, de Homem-Christo, Guy Garvey, Nile Rodgers, Otis Redding, Masters At Work, Annie Nightingale, Stevie Nicks

Fave DJs
MAW, Francois K, Norman Jay MBE, Zane Lowe, Gilles Peterson, The Avalanches, Fatboy Slim, Annie Mac, Lauren Laverne

Fave cheese
Shropshire Blue

Top 5 gigs ever (bands, not DJs)
Bjork, Manchester GMex, January 1996 – birthday present form my brother and what a treat it was.
Kylie, Shepherd’s Bush Empire, July 1998 – me, my brother and a (small) roomful of camp. “If in doubt, add more glitter”. I ended up dancing on the bar.
REM, LCCC, July 2000 – Dad’s birthday, family and friends out in force.
Daft Punk, Wireless Leeds, June 2007. WOW.
Elbow, Blueprint Studios, April 2008. Possibly the last time Elbow’s brilliance was still an almost secret. Just after this TSSK burst through – Mercury, Brits, Halle, Glastonbury, global appreciation.
(Runners up include Daft Punk at The Stage, Hanley (Staffs) in January 1997 (but was a DJ set))

Fave drink
Tea. Tetley’s preferably. White no sugar.

Fave sneakers
Still love the Adidas Superstar II with shelltoe the best.

Things to do when not DJing/listening to music/going to gigs
Mates, eating, watching films, playing tennis, going on holiday


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