Eclectic of Manchester


DJ Name
Funnily enough, Lee Morgan

First 12” vinyl
Tony De Vit-Burning Up. I was more of a 7″ man, plus good old tapes

First DJ gig
My cousin’s 21st at the Irish Club in Chorlton there were about 80 people there and I bricked it!

DJing history
Residencies: Unfortunately DJ’ing has taken it’s toll on my memory as well as my hearing! Vinyl Frontier, NiteShift, Lounge Bar, Obsidian(yes the restaurant and it was that weird) and Space
Promotions: The Vinyl Frontier (Manchester – The Attic) NiteShift (Rossetti plus other venues)
Guest slots: Sankeys, Mint Leeds, Prescription, Out of the Gloom, Music Vs racism, Soul Tonic Sheffield, and I’m sure there are more but again memory is shot!

Fave ever gig
I have 2;
The Rossetti Vinyl Frontier – It was a bank holiday weekend and Tom Wainwright was guesting. I played last and again was bricking it. I went for the older school set and in my mind’s eye it went down really well, plus I got very drunk on nice mojitos.

Sankeys Redlight with Greg Wilson and Jazzy Jeff, we smashed the upstairs. We also had the crazy Canadian Djembe drummer who got that off it he was last seen in a Kibbutz! We discussed after the gig having a residency there but then the bloody club shut down and that was that!

Musical heroes
Morrissey, MAW, Dennis Ferrer, Wham, Duran Duran, Prince (not an avid collector of his stuff just in awe of how sickeningly talented he is), Jim Morrison – the guy was a drug taking legend, Jazzanova, Dave Lee, Jazztronik, Greg Wilson

Fave DJs
Danny Krivit, Joe Claussell, Karizma, Kerri Chandler, Dennis Ferrer, Riva Starr

Fave cheese
Plain and simple cheddar

Top 5 gigs ever (bands, not DJs)
My life is more about the gigs I missed than those I went to! I missed the Stereo MC’s supporting the Mondays as I’d never heard of them..doh!
Happy Mondays – Free Trade Hall 1990-something when they all came back from Jamaica smashed out of their faces. Musically poor but performance wise great!
Roy Ayres- 2008 I think at Mint Lounge, possibly the best drum solo I’ve seen at a gig. We did also witness an old tramp having a poo on Oldham St which was just as memorable.
Not so much a gig but being witness to the recording of a track I produced – renowned Jazz guitarist Mike Walker and saxophonist Iain Dixon. Top this with the recording of a relatively unknown singer called Daley who is now of Gorrilaz fame. We recorded them all in the bathroom as the acoustics were brilliant.
Sunburst Band – 2010 Band on the Wall, brilliant night
Jazzanova – Band On the Wall, 2 gigs one weekend!

Fave drink
A very cold beer, quite liking the cheap Belgian beers from Sainsbury’s!

Fave sneakers
Quite feeling New Balance at the mo

Things to do when not DJing/listening to music/going to gigs
Riding motorbikes, family, eating and walking


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